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An Australian radio show put a call to air praising Hitler for murdering gay people

An Australian radio show put a call to air praising Hitler for murdering gay people

Over 100,000 men were arrested on homosexuality charges in Nazi Germany

An Australian radio show put a caller to air who praised Hitler for putting gay people in concentration camps.

ABC Melbourne heard from a caller named Don about the ongoing marriage equality debate.

The show, Mornings with Jon Faine, had Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Kristen Hilton who was advocating for same-sex marriage in the upcoming postal survey.

Don said Hilton was ‘out of line’ and should remain ‘neutral’.

‘I think it’s disgusting that she gets out and says “we are going to support the Yes vote”, instead of saying “we haven’t got an opinion one way or the other”,’ Don said.

‘Hitler had concentration camps for gay people – it’s one of the two good things he did’

Hilton responded the commission’s duty is to promote equality, and the current ban on same-sex marriage constitutes discrimination.

The call continued for about a minute before Don wanted to say something else.

‘Hitler put all those kind of people in their own concentration camps – it’s one of the two good things he did,’ Don said.

‘Sorry?’ Faine replied.

‘Hitler had concentration camps for these gay people. It’s one of the two good things he did, the other was build the autobahns [the highway system in Germany].’

Faine then said: ‘There’s an old saying in public policy – when people bring up Nazism for or against the argument you pretty much know you’ve lost.’

When Don disagreed, Faine said they would have to ‘agree to disagree on that’.

ABC Radio Melbourne responds to backlsh

ABC Radio Melbourne has faced backlash for airing the comment.

A spokesperson said: ‘The call lasted just under three minutes and was civil until the caller made a highly offensive remark referencing Hitler.

‘Once Jon had clarified what the caller had said, the call was immediately terminated.’

An estimated 100,000 gay men were arrested in Nazi Germany. While many were sent to prisons, as many as 15,000 were incarcerated in concentration camps. If they were not immediately killed, they were victims of cruel and unusual torture. Nazis attempted to ‘cure’ gay men of their sexuality by castrating them, while lesbians were raped and forced to work in brothels.

Following the end of World War 2, gay victims was one of the only groups to be transplanted to prisons to continue their ‘sentence’.