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Author of Russia’s anti-gay law brands Stephen Fry as ‘bringer of evil’

Author of Russia’s anti-gay law brands Stephen Fry as ‘bringer of evil’

The author of Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law has called Stephen Fry a ‘bringer of evil’.

Vitaly Milonov, a lawmaker in St Petersburg, also described homosexuality as a perversion and thanks God for President Vladimir Putin.

The gay British actor, broadcaster, writer and wit interviewed Milonov back in March for a documentary. The two did not agree on many subjects.

‘For me, Stephen Fry is a bringer of evil as he expresses ideas which are evil,’ Milonov told AFP.

‘It’s a declaration of our values, our response to the challenges of the present time.’

‘I do not know why we have to apologize in front of Westerners. The preaching tone that they adopted in this area does not suit us.’

Milonov defended his law as believes in family values in Russia and protecting children. He also described gay marriage as a ‘symptom of an illness in society, a spiritual degradation.’

He said: ‘95% of Russians are against gay marriage. Gays do not have any support in Russian society.

‘We could say that pedophilia is a sexual choice we could say that murder is one way to survive.

‘But truth is truth and we cannot change the way things are. Homosexuality is not normal, I’m sorry.’

Earlier this week, Milonov caused controversy by denying the increasing homophobic attacks in Russia.

‘Oh no no no, it’s a fake, it’s a fake information,’ the lawmaker insisted. ‘It’s not true. I think that much violence goes from gay people to straight people.’