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This author is trying to fight ISIS with gay jidahist erotica

This author is trying to fight ISIS with gay jidahist erotica

ISIS members finds love in this short story

A fiction writer has decided the best way to fight ISIS is by gay erotica – well, why not?

ISIS: A Love Story mixes bloody battles and sex slaves in this sexual story aimed to titillate rather than terrorize.

‘Terrified by their surroundings, Ali and Majnun sought comfort in each other. Running hands over each other’s warm bodies, the terror from around the ceased. The car sped on and the bodies swarmed but it didn’t matter,’ it reads.

‘All that mattered is that they were together. Their hands wandered and their lips found each other’s. Desire swirled in their minds.’

Billed ‘gay jihaderotica’, the book is available in paperback on Amazon for $6.99.

‘The gay aspect of the story opens up a lot of potential for discussion of the treatment of homosexuals under ISIS,’ the author, who uses the pen name Abu Salaam, told Vocativ in an interview.

‘Still, it’s meant to be evocative more than provocative.’

Salaam says he has followed Syria’s civil war closely since the beginning, and began to pen his debut novel following the Paris terror attacks last November.

‘While some might interpret the gay romance as offensive, in the story it’s never portrayed as an object of mockery,’ he said. ‘This was never meant to be intentionally offensive to gays or moderate Muslims.’

Salaam insists on anonymity, afraid his work will lead to a backlash. But he is hoping he will get some fans.

‘Maybe it’ll actually be super popular in jihadi circles, like a sleeper hit with sleeper cells,’ he said.