What is the average age gay and bisexual men lose their virginity?

Sex, virginity, and a condom.

People lose their virginity at all ages. However, Dred released a report revealing data about people’s sexual journeys, including the average age of virginity loss.

They surveyed 500 people from Europe and 500 more people from the United States.

In the introduction, Dred writes ‘there are some universal catalysts, sources of education, and even inspiration behind our sexual evolutions’.

The report separates the results into several different categories, including sexuality, generation, political affiliation, and more.

Sexual awakening vs virginity loss

For gay people, the average age of virginity loss is 17.9. The age of sexual awakening (defined as a ‘sudden realization of sexual feelings and urges) is 13.8.

For those identifying as bisexual, the two are closer together. Virginity loss generally occurs at 16.2, while sexual awakening is at 15.4.

Straight people lose their virginity overall at a slightly younger age than gay people — 17.6. However, their sexual awakening occurs at the age of 15.

The highest average  age of virginity loss is 18.1 and belongs to generation X (those born between 1960 and 1980).

The only group whose sexual awakening occured after virginity loss were Republicans. Their average age of virginity loss is 17.4, but their sexual awakening happens at the age of 18.4.

It’s notable that ‘gay respondents recalled a sexual awakening at an earlier age than any other demographic group’ but they lost their virginity at the second-highest age.

Education and catalysts

Almost every respondent said their best form of education was experience (100% of gay respondents, 99% straight, and 98% bisexual). Europeans and Americans both also said this was the best way.

Porn was next, with 82% of gay and straight people and 84% of bisexual people citing it.

People said learning from family was the least helpful. The highest group who cited this form of education were Europeans, with 32%. No other group cracked 30%.

The biggest catalyst for a sexual awakening is an actor or actress. 62% of respondents chose this option, citing some by name, like Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind.

The second-highest catalyst was a sibling’s friend (30%), then a teacher (14%).

Attitudes towards bisexuals

31% of millennials believe bisexuals are equally attracted to both men and women. This is the highest amount, contrasting with only 9% of gen X and 5% of baby boomers.

However, millennials are also the most open to a fluid sexuality and dating bisexual people.

46% of millennaisl believe sexuality is fluid and 38% would date a bisexual person.

Conversely, only 3% of baby boomers would date someone who is bisexual and only 5% believe sexuality is on a spectrum. For gen X, it’s 7% and 11%, respectively.

There are also splits among gender.

30% of men would date someone who’s bisexual and 34% believe in fluid sexuality. For women, it’s 19% and 29%.

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