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AW17 London Collections: Men – Sibling

A celebration of colour and pattern that draws its inspiration from Gaudi.

AW17 London Collections: Men – Sibling
Image courtesy of Ella Dror PR
AW17 London Collections: Men — Sibling

With its wild, almost obscene collage of techniques, the work of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi is the perfect counterpart for Sibling, whose knitwear like his work has always been a collision of colour and pattern. This season, the duo take inspiration from Barcelona’s Park Güell, where Gaudi’s trencadis technique (otherwise known as his iconic mosaics) is most in evidence.

This mish-mash or, as Sibling have dubbed it, Mental Mosaic informs the collection. Graphics taken directly from the tiles, in rich orange, navy and red are thrown at each other with abandon across tailored suits, bomber jackets and full bodied skirts or blown-up out of proportion to cover a hand knit. Gaudi zebra stripes are rendered in sequinned navy and red or slashed across a classic cardigan. An abstract take on a leopard’s tail wends its way across a jumper or creates havoc with tailoring (replete with matching old man’s flat cap). It’s in the accessories that Sibling’s Englishness appears, from said flat cap, to a knitted Lady Di ruffled collar, to a hat fit for Babs Windsor at a wedding, and bound in bunting, badges and football sock bows.

Tribal pattern socks top sensible shoes, a mix of fabric backs, leather uppers in navy and deep red, and white or red soles for all squad members made in collaboration with Freakloset using their bespoke customisation system.

For evening, or perhaps a promenade at dusk, Sibling’s collision of periods, colours and styles are their nod to Jamaican Lee Scratch Perry. Full knit looks feature stripes in red and blue dissected by coloured bands. Knitted lurex and fabric tiles come together in a full skirt or men’s vest ‘grouted’ with hand crochet. Knit ruffles scroll across the shoulders of an almost Toreador sweater and the edge of a coat. The extravagance is a nod to the duo’s and their stylist for this season Judy Blame’s eternal inspirations: London’s Pearly Kings and Queens, a King’s Road at Jubilee take on the red, white and blue and the tough and not-so-tough girls and boys of East London.

The show was styled by Judy Blame.

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