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WATCH: Is this the most awkward gay blind date ever?

WATCH: Is this the most awkward gay blind date ever?

Greig is shocked on First Dates

Channel 4 series First Dates is one of the UK’s most popular reality shows. Each week, several couples meet for the first time and enjoy a meal together.

Afterwards they reveal to the cameras how they get along and whether they want to meet again.

The show regularly features same-sex couples, and has sometimes struck gold – introducing people to one another who go on to date regularly.

However, a couple on Tuesday’s show look certain never to see one another again.

In fact, they could even make it to the end of the meal.

‘Old romantic’ Greig, a 35-year-old HR Director, is looking for a feisty man, and is paired up with rugby player and pub landlord John, 28.

However, he probably wasn’t expecting John’s brutal honesty.

After the first course, John excuses himself to go for a cigarette. When he eventually returns, he drops his bombshell.

‘I know it sounds really bad … I don’t find you attractive. What’s the point in staying and having a main course?’

Greig is visibly shocked, and some awkward moments follow before he decides that he should settle his half of the bill and leave.

John, however, decides to stay and wait for his main course of steak and chips – to the shock of the restaurant staff, who have never had a First Date diner walk out before.

Watch the clip below.

The full episode can be viewed by those in the UK on the Channel 4 on-demand player.

John, of Kilmarnock, Scotland has hit back at critics of his honesty, telling the Daily Record, ‘Yes I see the point that people say I should have seen the date out regardless of who my date was, but if I don’t have an attraction to them then there’s no point in continuing the date.

‘I could have let him down nicer probably but at the end of the day it’s a date. Take away the cameras, you’re there to go on a date how you normally would, so I did.

‘If I was on a date and it wasn’t going well I would stop it – I wouldn’t sit and continue.’

What do you think? Was it rude or just honest? Comments below.