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Aza Comics introduces a lesbian couple who won’t ‘die tragically’

Aza Comics introduces a lesbian couple who won’t ‘die tragically’

After a recent furore over the untimely death of Lexa in the US apocalyptic drama ‘The 100’, fans of the show have called for more realistic representation of lesbian romance in media.

Aza Comics is hoping to buck the trend by creating lesbian superheroes that won’t die so quickly.

In its upcoming book series two lesbian superheroes, Genie and Jase, cooperate to overcome various challenges and develop a lasting romance together.

‘Their storylines are based on how they work together as an action duo to fight villains and overcome obstacles,’ writer Jazmin Truesdale told Gay Star News.

The characters inhabit the Aza universe. In it, there are various realms, each one corresponding to a region on Earth, for instance Africa, or America. Notably, Jase comes from a region entirely populated by lesbians – which Truesdale says was inspired by reading about ‘female evolution and mitochondria’.

‘I noticed in entertainment lesbians are used to boost ratings, but are never given proper respect.

‘They’ll hype up the relationship for ratings and then end it, quickly and tragically.

‘I wanted to create a solid couple that [fans] could fall in love with: No tricks,  no tragic endings,’ she said.

Of Lexa’s death in The 100, she says: ‘I thought it was insane! As a writer, I don’t understand why they did that unless the actress [Nicole Beharie] wanted to leave the show.’

Truesdale says killing off lesbian characters has become an ‘epidemic’. Recently, Vampire Diaries and Jane the Virgin have killed off their lesbian characters in a way fans see as unnecessary.

‘There seems to have been an epidemic of lesbian deaths this year,’ Truesdale says.

For more information about the comic book, visit Aza Comics website.