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Azealia Banks tries to stay relevant, attacks Zayn Malik again

Azealia Banks tries to stay relevant, attacks Zayn Malik again

It really didn’t take long before Azealia Banks reverts back to her old trolling self who’s hungry to steal some limelight off former One Direction band member, Zayn Malik.

In May, the black female rapper went on a raged Twitter rant calling Zayn a ‘faggot’ and a ‘dick rider.’

She also called him, who is of English-Pakistani descent, a ‘curry scented bitch.’ The rapper tweeted, ‘imma start calling you punjab you dirty bitch.’

This time, Banks called Zayn a ‘transman’ for his recent GQ magazine photoshoot.

The pictures were out last week and Banks posted a comment which obviously didn’t go unnoticed by Zayn’s fans.

‘He legit looks like he used to be a girl,’ the rapper wrote. ‘He gives me transman teas.’

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Fans quickly came to Zayn’s defence while others called for Banks to be banned from Instagram, like how she was kicked off Twitter following the May diatribe.

Banks has since come out explaining her comment on Instagram, and also blamed her actions on her ‘PMS.’


The rapper also defended that she wasn’t being transphobic when she said that Zayn looks like a transgender man.

But given her history with careless, ignorant anti-gay rants and behaviors, it is difficult to take her explanation seriously. 

How are we to believe that she actually cares about the transgender community or the LGBTQ+ community as a whole to use a language that’s solely ours?



What do you think?

Do you think Banks was genuinely in ‘praising’ Zayn for appearing ‘androgynous’?

And why does she have to bring up her mental health issues in her explanation?

Is she trying too hard to stay relevant?