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Azerbaijan might send this guy to Eurovision and he’s literal gay catnip

Azerbaijan might send this guy to Eurovision and he’s literal gay catnip

Will Azerbaijan send this singer to Eurovision? | Photo: Instagram

Rumors are swirling that Azerbaijan might send singer Chingiz Mustafayev to Eurovision.

People are excited because he’s a very attractive man.

One of the major fan clubs, INFE Azerbaijan, started the rumor mill in motion.

In a deleted post on their Facebook, the club announced Chingiz as the South Caucasus country’s entry to the contest in Tel Aviv.

However, there has been no official confirmation.

A shortlist of four acts have reportedly been drawn up by the broadcaster.

Many LGBTI people welcomed the potential inclusion of Chingiz in the contest.

One guy said: ‘This guy isn’t a snack – he’s a seven-course meal.’

Another guy said: ‘Do I use “Chingiz on my face” now or save it for optimum engagement nearer the time.’

Azerbaijan and its homophobia

However others reminded these thirsty gays of Azerbaijan’s history with human rights.

In 2017, the ILGA ranked Azerbaijan as the worst place in Europe to be LGBTI.

The group cited ‘a near total absence of legal protection’ for LGBTI individuals.

At least 100 members of Baku’s LGBTI community were arrested in September 2017. Activists claimed these detainees were subject to beatings, interrogation, torture and blackmail.

LGBTI people in Azerbaijan also face high rates of violence, harassment and discrimination.

If Chingiz is chosen, it is likely an official confirmation will come soon.

There is reason to believe he might be chosen as Azerbaijan’s entry into Eurovison.

He’s a popular singer, has a large following on Instagram. He also released a three-minute track and self-directed music video in Azeri, Tenha Gezen.

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