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Baby penguin with two gay dads hatched in Sydney aquarium

Baby penguin with two gay dads hatched in Sydney aquarium

Meet baby Sphengic! | Sydney Aquarium

There’s another rainbow penguin family in the world!

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium have announced the arrival of a chick with two gay dads.

The couple, Sphen and Magic, are both Gentoo penguins who are said to be ‘doting’ on their tiny offspring.

Sphengic, born on 19 October, weighs just over 3ozs.

Aquarium workers first spotted Sphen and Magic mating after being seen waddling around and going for swims together.

The couple then began to build a collective nest of pebbles. The aquarium provided them with a dummy egg to look after.

And then, when proven able, they were given a real egg.

Penguin supervisor Tish Hannan said the couple are very ‘bonded’.

‘They recognize each other’s signature calls and songs,’ she said.

‘Only bonded penguins will be able to successfully find their partner using their calls when they are separated.’

She noted that male and female penguins are able to parent in similar ways.

‘There is no real difference when it comes to breeding behaviors between males and females,’ she said.

‘It’s common to have male-male or female-female showing courtship and breeding behavior.’

Hannan said because the couple will likely have a successful breeding season, it’s likely they will return to each other again next year.

Other penguin rainbow families

Sphen and Magic | Sydney Aquarium

Sphengic are not the first gay penguins to delight us in recent weeks. Last month, a gay penguin couple stole a baby from ‘bad parents’ at a Denmark zoo.

The zoo intervened to return the chick to its biological parents. Keepers gave the couple an egg of their own to hatch after witnessing their parental instincts.

Back in 1998, penguin couple Roy and Silo were a same-sex pair in New York City’s Central Park Zoo. They were spotted by staff trying to mate and hatching a rock as if it was an egg.

Zoo keepers gave them an egg from another pair of penguins, which resulted in the couple raising a female chick named Tango.

Tango then formed a same-sex relationship with another female penguin. Their story became ‘And Tango Makes Three…’ a popular children’s book.

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