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Bahamas Bishop: ‘Bad’ families are creating a ‘homosexual avalanche’

Bahamas Bishop: ‘Bad’ families are creating a ‘homosexual avalanche’

Simeon Hall, a Bahamas Bishop, said that spousal abuse, incest and rape in families causes gayness which is apparently is on the rise in the Caribbean islands state.

Hall stated ysterday (24 February)  that the family structure must be overhauled to prevent a ‘homosexual avalanche’ in the Bahamas.

He was quoted in the Tribune 242 as saying: ‘Strong, loving functional families are the last bastion against the homosexual avalanche.

‘Most churches and sociologists agree that adult behaviour in all areas is shaped and influenced by what has happened in the family.

‘Spousal abuse, incest and rape, all these have irreversible negative effects on children and unfortunately and regrettably these are on the rise.

‘And I believe the root cause of some persons embracing the homosexual lifestyle’.

He added: ‘I am convinced that the majority of the heterosexual Bahamians while they respect the individual rights of others will never accept the legalisation of same sex marriage and to this we give our full support.

‘Same sex marriage clearly violates the divine intent, but will also cause greater deterioration of the social order as we know it today.

‘We must, in imitation of Christ reach out with love to those persons chained to this lifestyle. While I affirm that homosexuals are yet humans, I also assert that the practice is a deviance from what God’s word has established.

‘Homosexuals and heterosexuals share a common humanity. A homosexual is still a person’.

Bishop Hall has previously made anti-gay comments in a response to HIV/AIDS statistics in November 2011, when he gays to ‘seek help in turning away from their non-productive and deadly practice.

‘Homosexuality…is anti-family (and) it goes against what God has ordained. It is deadly’, he said.

Although the Bahamas is relatively legally progressive compared to most Caribbean states, the majority of its citizens are socially conservative Christians that views LGBT people as decadent and immoral.

As a result, politicians have been leery of publicly supporting LGBT-rights legislation and there have been several high-profile situations of discrimination and harassment directed at LGBT citizens along with tourists.