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Chef cuts up and cooks his trans girlfriend in tragic murder suicide

Chef cuts up and cooks his trans girlfriend in tragic murder suicide

Balinese-born transgender woman Mayang Prasetyo has been identified as the victim of a shocking murder-suicide discovered in Brisbane, Australia on Saturday.

Prasetyo, 27, had met her husband Marcus Peter Volke, 28, while both were working as chefs on cruise ships and the couple married late last year, honeymooning in Germany.

Volke had no criminal record or known history of mental illness but on Saturday police were called to their Tenerrife, Brisbane apartment after neighbors complained of a bad smell coming from the ground floor apartment.

They discovered parts of Prasetyo’s body strewn around the apartment and others cooking on the stove.

It is believed she had been dead for several days.

Volke fled the police when they arrived but slit his own throat before he could be captured, after climbing into a large bin.

The couple had only recently settled in Brisbane and were apparently having problems adjusting to their new life as Volke had attended a Brisbane hospital with a cut last week – telling hospital staff that he had received the wound in a domestic incident.

However that does not seem to explain what resulted in an apparent severe mental break.

The murder-suicide has come as a shock to friends and family who remember Volke as someone who was outspoken about violence against women on social media and they had been expecting him to return home to spend time with them for Christmas.

Prasetyo’s mother told the Daily Mail that her daughter had seemed fine when she spoke to her as recently as last week, though she had said she was finding Brisbane boring and had been thinking of returning to Bali.

She said she had started a business breeding small dogs as a project to keep herself occupied and was sending money home to put her two younger sisters through school.

Tabloid media have revealed that Prasetyo had also worked as an escort and cabaret performer but there is no information at hand to link that to the murder.