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Band members fall in love, pen beautiful song about coming out

Band members fall in love, pen beautiful song about coming out

While making their latest album, one member of Cub Sport came out, realized he was in loved with his band member and now the two are engaged.

Tim Nelson and keyboardist Sam ‘Bolan’ Netterfield of the alt-pop group penned a beautiful song called ‘O Lord’ about coming out.

The two are now engaged after Nelson came out as gay and realized his feelings for Bolan.

‘It was equal parts exciting and terrifying realising I was in love with my best friend,’ Nelson told Triple J’s The Hack.

The Australian band’s sophmore album, BATS, is due out on September 22 and is a very personal project for Nelson. He came out while the band was making the album.

‘It maps out my personal journey of coming to terms with who I am and the development of my relationship with Sam from first realizing I was in love with him,’ Nelson told HuffPost.

‘To the moment we told each other how we felt and then all of the emotions that came with finally being together.’

The O Lord video is a haunting plea to promote LGBTI acceptance and ‘challenges everything I (Nelson) grew up believing about masculinity, beauty and homosexuality’.

‘I had been in denial about my sexuality for a long time and I feel like that stopped me from really connecting with what I was creating,’ Nelson said.

‘A huge weight was lifted when I came out.

‘I could finally tap into what I was feeling, unhindered and unashamed.’

Tim and Sam’s story