‘Bash a gay today’ graffiti sparks investigation in Sydney

This violent homophobic graffiti was found in Sydney (Photo: Facebook)

Police in Australia are investigating homophobic graffiti inciting violence against homosexuals found on Sunday (7 October) in a suburb of Sydney.

Two women reportedly accosted a man spraying a wall with ‘bash a gay to today’, according to a Facebook post by one of the women.

The incident took place in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria.

Laura Hunter, one of the witnesses, spoke to the Australian Associated Press (AAP). She also said the man had told her he had been ‘robbed by a gay man once’.

A New South Wales police representative also told the AAP said they had launched an investigation. Police, therefore, encouraged anyone with information to come forward.

Plebiscite legacy

The hateful message comes nearly a year after Australia’s divisive postal vote on equal marriage.

Significantly, at that time, police found similar violent graffiti in the same suburb.

‘For people who think the plebiscite has solved everything in our country it has not,’ witness April Long wrote on a Facebook post sharing images of the graffiti.

Australia’s new Prime Minister has angered the LGBTI community with a slew of negative comments.

Scott Morrison has denounced LGBTI education in schools and said conversion therapy is not an issue for him.