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BBC News’ LGBT correspondent to start work next year

BBC News’ LGBT correspondent to start work next year

The BBC News have announced that they will hire a correspondent to provide coverage on LGBTI issues, such as sexuality and gender.

BBC journalist Ben Hunte is due to begin work in the newly-established position in 2019.

On his Instagram account, Hunte posted: ‘Dream come true. I’m so excited to be the BBC’s first LGBT Correspondent and I can’t wait to tell some important stories.’

Hunte has worked for the BBC since 2017.

He previously worked on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra’s Ben Hunte Interviews, which was part of the BBC’s Gay Britannia series.

Hunte has also worked on documentaries for Radio 1 Newsbeat.

‘Covering issues and debates from the LGBT community’

Richard Burgess, the BBC News’ UK news editor, said the position would allow the corporation to expand and develop its news coverage.

‘BBC News has a rich heritage of covering issues and debates from the LGBT community,’ Burgess said.

‘This year we announced our first gender and identity correspondent, Megha Mohan, and I’m thrilled that Ben will be taking up this dedicated role which aims to strengthen our offering of LGBT stories and original journalism across the BBC.’

Hunte has an MA in journalism from City University London and a degree in neuroscience. Prior to working at the BBC, he had been a strategy manager at Google.

In 2013, Hunte was a runner-up from over 20,000 applicants when he applied to work as a presenter in the long-running BBC children’s show, Blue Peter.