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British BBC Baptiste actress said she lost roles because she’s not ‘trans-enough’

British BBC Baptiste actress said she lost roles because she’s not ‘trans-enough’

Photograph of BBC Baptiste star, Talisa Garcia

Viewers of the British BBC drama Baptiste were left stunned when the lead female character, Kim Vogel, was revealed as trans yesterday (17 February).

And the actress who plays her, Talisa Garcia, came out too, offscreen that is.

However, speaking to The Sun, the 45-year-old said she has lost out on roles in the past as she ‘wasn’t trans-enough’.

‘But in Baptiste you’re not meant to know that she is. She’s not the obvious transgender person,’ she said.

‘With transgender characters it has always been the same, the 6ft tall builder with a wig tilted to the side.

‘Thankfully we’ve moved on.’

In the interview, the BBC star said she had gender confirmation surgery over 28 years ago.

‘Everybody used to call me “boy girl”‘

Significantly, Garcia said she took her new name after the Puerto Rican model and Bond girl, Talisa Soto.

Speaking on her childhood, she said: ‘When I was a kid, everybody used to call me “boy girl” and “sissy”.

‘I used to wear lip gloss and I was the only boy in the school doing ballet. But no one ever picked on me.

‘All the tough kids in school were my best friends.’

‘Here’s a woman, what’s the problem?’

However, Garcia said she feels nervous about how men will react to the news.

‘I always have men hitting on me. But I don’t say anything to them about myself.

‘They’re going to start thinking of a million and one scenarios of what’s going on “down there”.

‘They don’t know how good the operation is. When I’ve slept with men and after it’s gone a couple of months, I’ve told them.

‘They’ve said, “It’s impossible, I’d know. No operation can do that.”‘

She added: ‘I think guys’ reaction will be, “I’d still give her one.”

“I’d just want them to go, “Here’s a woman, what’s the problem?”‘

Better LGBTI representation on the BBC

Garcia’s comments come as Student Pride is calling on the BBC to allow same-sex couples on Strictly Come Dancing.

The BBC has shown its reluctance to allow gay celebs to dance with a same-sex professional partner.

Yet other versions of the show have allowed it with no issue.

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