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BBC officer 'assures' fan the next Doctor Who will not be a woman

Fan lodged an official complaint saying his kids would be 'confused' by a gender swap

BBC officer 'assures' fan the next Doctor Who will not be a woman
Doctor Who's companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) will be gay

The BBC has assured a fan Doctor Who will not see a female Doctor take the lead.

At the end of this season, Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor is set to regenerate once more.

Rumor had it the Tardis would finally see a woman step up to the iconic console.

Names throwing into pot were, among others, Tilda Swinton, Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer, and Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

But a BBC employee has squashed all hopes, it seems.

According to British tabloid The Sun, a fan filed on official complaint with the BBC over the possibility that the famous time-traveler could regenerate into a female body.

He reportedly said the Doctor switching genders would ‘confuse his kids’.

Joanne Coyne, a complaints officer for the BBC, wrote the complainant back to assure him.

‘We appreciate that you’re a big Doctor Who fan and you have concerns that the programme would change should there be a female doctor,’ she wrote.

‘Be assured there are currently no plans to have a female Doctor Who.’

Coyne reportedly also said the fan’s worries would be passed on to the show’s senior managers, including ‘the Doctor Who team’.

Speaking to Gay Star News, a BBC spokesperson said: ‘No casting decisions have been made.’

On Friday (14 April) current star Peter Capaldi revealed on the Graham Norton show why he was leaving Doctor Who behind.

He said while playing the timelord was ‘a great job’, the tight schedule and the intense workload were the root for his decision.

‘Doctor Who is a great job but it’s a bit of a television factory, you do twelve episodes a year,’ Capaldi said.

‘I just worry that I wouldn’t be able to continue doing my best work because I like to be able to learn the lines and do some preparation and come in and give it the vigor and fun and not hate it.’

The actor revealed they had finished filming the current season just days before, and cast and crew will come together again to film the Christmas Special.

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