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BBC reveal new David Bowie documentary is in the works

BBC reveal new David Bowie documentary is in the works

David Bowie

A new documentary looking at the early life of David Bowie is in the works, according to the BBC.

Called David Bowie: The First Five Years follows the 2013 film Five Years.

Five Years looked at the five years of Bowie’s career kicking off with the Ziggy Stardust period. Later The Last Five Years, which looked at the final years of his career, was released.

The 90 minute film will look at the Brixton-born talent’s formative years, before his first hit single Space Oddity.

Bowie passed away of liver cancer in January 2016.

Director Francis Whately commented: ‘Making this trilogy has been an incredible experience for me, unearthing rare recording, footage and archive, and the privilege of speaking to so many of his friends and collaborators who were so open in talking about the Bowie they knew, loved and admired so much.’

‘He is possibly now even more famous in death than in life,’ he added. ‘I hope this film will bring some new understanding to this great artist from the early years of his incredible life.’

‘It’s true, I’m bisexual’

Speaking in one of the archive clips featured, Bowie said: ‘I spent all my formative years adopting guises and changing roles, just learning to be somebody. I wanted to be accepted as David Bowie – a person that you will always watch to see what kind of thing he is doing.’

The star was known for hits such as Changes, Heroes and Hunky Dory. He sold an estimated 140 million records around the world.

He was also a vocal member of the LGBTI community, once revealing: ‘It’s true, I’m bisexual. I suppose it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.’

David Bowie: The First Five Years will air on BBC Two in 2019. Before then, fans can look forward to a BBC Four broadcast of David Bowie at Glastonbury 2000 this month. The set is also being released on DVD.