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7 tips to being the feminine trans woman you are

7 tips to being the feminine trans woman you are

As a transgender woman you sometimes have to make that little extra effort to enhance your female image.

Whether you are going through surgery or not there’s lots you can do to perk yourself up. Here are some tips and tricks to help – even if you’re feeling a little low about yourself.


Voice can be a tricky one. I went through a time when I tried so hard to speak high that it sounded very false, almost like I was on helium.

A good tip is to breath from the stomach and then speak. This way you’re not getting the vibrations in your chest which can create a monotone.

Another tip is to sing. Sing a song in a nice calm high voice and then try to change the singing into regular talking. It really helps you sound more feminine. Here’s a fellow YouTuber who has some really good advice on how to aim for a more feminine voice without the use of surgery. You can check her out here:

Adam’s apple

One trick to hide your Adam’s apple you can do is get a matt bronzer and shade over it. This help makes the apple appear more set back and less prominent.

Another simple option is wearing scarfs. They are great if it’s getting to be winter where you are.

I’d steer away from turtlenecks unless you have a small soft jaw. The more square the jaw line is the more you will make it stand out as the turtle neck blocks your body and neck and makes the viewer focus more on the face and jaw line.


One mistake I have made is to wear things which are overly sexual. I’m only 23 so I can get away with most fashions but I still have had the odd fashion faux pas.

A good thing to do is to look at the celebrity magazines and see what the girls and women of your age group are wearing. Also looking at what other women are wearing on the street can also give you a clue as to what will work best for your age group.

Always dress for your size too and look for things that are going to help flatter your body shape.

If you are thin and don’t have defined hips dress in things that are floaty and will add weight to you. You can also buy underwear which contains implants. If you’re more broad go for more of a v-neck line. This will help elongate the body and soften the shoulders. Wearing a belt in the waist will also help you look more curvy and bring out your feminine side.


Make-up is the key if you ask me. Going on YouTube and looking for transgender make-up tutorials will really help you on how to apply makeup.

Just remember it washes off. And practice makes perfect. Reading my previous GSN article will help you on your make-up. But go for softer colors like chocolate browns on the eyes rather than the typical blue eye-shadow and pink lipstick.

Eyebrows and shaving

Plucking your eyebrows will instantly enhance the femininity of your face. You wouldn’t believe just how much of a difference it makes.

And shave very closely to get rid of stubble. Use a sharp blade and take your time. Be gentle; you don’t want to irritate your skin. Close your pores with a gentle skin toner, and of course, moisturize.

Try using a dab of non-greasy sun block. It’ll protect your skin from wrinkles caused by UV-damage. If you really want to keep stubble away, try waxing, electrolysis, or laser hair removal


Chest or cleavage enhancement encompasses a range of techniques used temporarily to improve the appearance of a person’s breast cleavage or to create the illusion of breast cleavage if needed.

This ranges from brassieres (bras) that lightly push the breasts together without any padding through a range of increasingly padded bras to techniques where chest skin is pulled towards the center to generate cleavage and completely artificial breasts, such as breast prostheses, are added to cover the materials used to pull the skin.

Cleavage enhancement may also include the use of make-up to deepen the appearance of the cleavage and make the breasts appear more prominent.

Padding can be done either with proprietary products (such as ‘chicken fillets’ or ‘falsies’), tissues, cotton wool or even socks.

Falsies are small pads similar to the removable pads sold with some push-up bras. Falsies made from silicone gel are also sometimes referred to colloquially as chicken fillets.


Watching how other women move is a big help. It’s a bit of a stereotype and obviously there’s a range, but men tend to walk more heavily and stomp, women tend to move softly.

Changing movements and working on posture will help a lot.

Hold your shoulders back. This will push your chest out and also make your shoulders less broad.

And, of course, holding your head up high is a confidence boost for everyone and can certainly make the most of your feminine features.

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Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham won hearts and won over minds against prejudice across the UK when she was one of the stars of Channel 4 show My Transsexual Summer. She now contributes regularly to Gay Star News.