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Be like Beyoncé and smash cars with a baseball bat in new Lemonade video game

Be like Beyoncé and smash cars with a baseball bat in new Lemonade video game

Lemonade Rage the new Beyoncé inspired video game.

The world is still reeling after Beyoncé’s shock loss for album of the year at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade album and film were groundbreaking pieces of art which most people thought would finally snag her the top Grammy after she was snubbed multiple times.

Now people – including Adele who pipped her at the post for album of the year – are mad.

But thanks to New York developers Joe Laquinte, Justin Au, Colby Spear and Line Johnsen we can take out our frustration in a brand new video game.

Lemonade Rage is an 8-bit style game inspired by Queen Bey’s Hold Up video in which she famously smashed up a street with Hot Sauce – her baseball bat.

The game’s soundtrack in an adorable 8-bit version of Hold Up remixed by the team at 8-bit entertainment.

Becky with the good hair

With Beyoncé as your avatar, players strut along a street in her iconic yellow Roberto Cavalli dress avoiding haters, Illuminati conspiracists and ‘bullshit’.

The object of the game is to smash as many cars, fire hydrants and billboards for ‘Becky with the good hair’ to earn enough lemons to make lemonade.

If you don’t earn enough lemons, Beysus tells you ‘Boy bye, you gotta do better than that’. We can’t tell you what she says when you don’t get enough lemons because we haven’t cracked the game yet (sad face emoji).

The inspiration for Lemonade Rage

‘We had the idea back when the Lemonade film came out. We knew the ‘Hold Up’ video would make a really fun game.,’ Spear told Fast Company.

‘We wanted to launch with the Grammys, and then when people were feeling like she got snubbed, the fact that she’s running through the street smashing stuff I think resonates pretty well with people.’

If you’re mad at the Grammys or the state of the world right now take out your frustrations with Lemonade Rage. Go forth and slay.