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Bear sitcom sets up crowdfunding page for budget

Bear sitcom sets up crowdfunding page for budget

A new sitcom based around two ‘middle-aged muscle bears’ has set up a fundraising page to raise the budget to film the series.

Vent and Chester is billed as a sitcom set around the lives of two main gay characters living in Fort Lauderdale.

International drag act, Varla Jean Merman (Jeff Roberson) and actor/comedian Peter Bisuito are the brains behind the new comedy.

Comedy value: Middle aged bears set in Fort Lauderdale. Photo: Vent & Chester promo video

Golden beards?

Think The Golden Girls with beards and you might begin to get the picture. This could be a winner – if it’s funny, of course.

The pair have opened a crowdfunding page in order to raise the $30,000 required to film the fist, sorry, first series.

‘Making people laugh has been a life-long passion’, Bisuito explains on the Indiegogo crowdfunding page.

‘Especially in this day and age when comedy is needed most. Over the past 3 years, I have never seen this country more divided. Social media has become nothing but a battleground of hate and intolerance.

Out of drag: Varla Jean Merman, AKA Jeff Roberson, will appear without his drag alter ego

‘Therefore, I hope my new sitcom will ‘HELP MAKE AMERICA LAUGH AGAIN!’’

Bisuito said the production team want to make five episodes in all, this fall. TV Studio costs amount to $5,000 a day, so five episodes with other additional costs would be $30,000.

They insisted that this is just the cost of production. The initial crowdfund doesn’t cover paying the actors and director, ‘who are a part of this because they believe in the show and its mission’.

The page has just gone live and has raised $830 already, but there are still 54 days to go before the deadline.

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