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BearCity 2 star Gerald McCullouch talks to GSN about being an out actor

BearCity 2 star Gerald McCullouch talks to GSN about being an out actor

Gerald McCullouch stars in and is one of the executive producers of BearCity 2: The Proposal which screens at LA’s Outfest film festival tonight (20 July).

The 45-year-old actor is openly gay in real-life and sometimes plays gay roles, but he doesn’t especially like being referred to as an ‘out actor.’

‘Well, I’m an actor. I happen to be gay. And am proud of it. So if that makes me an ‘out actor’ – I’ll take it,’ he tells Gay Star News. ‘But that question kinda assumes all gay men are the same and all straight men are the same. I’m sure there are quite a few ‘straight’ roles that I have much more in common with than some ‘gay’ roles. It depends on the story and the person I’m asked to portray in the story.’

‘It’s my job as an actor to pretend to be different people,’ he added. ‘I see no reason why my hazel eyes, or my shoe size, or my sexual orientation has any bearing on my imaginative capacity to pretend to be someone who doesn’t have those characteristics. Some people disagree. To whom I say ‘sucks to be you.”

McCullouch, best known for his recurring role as firearms and Ballistics expert Bobby Dawson on the long-running CBS drama CSI, plays a gay man in love with a much younger guy in the new film BearCity 2: The Proposal.

BearCity 2: The Proposal is a sequel to 2010’s BearCity which followed the funny, romantic, and occasionally dramatic adventures of a group of bears and cubs in New York City.

The the sequel, the gang heads to Provincetown where McCullouch’s character is set to marry his young lover.

‘I’m really proud of the film,’ he said. ‘We just previewed for a week in Provincetown during it’s infamous BearWeek and the audiences went crazy. Louder laughter than I’ve heard at a film in a while, and quite a few sniffles as the story progresses.’

McCullouch describes himself as being ‘so freakin’ excited’ to have the film debut at Outfest and to be screening outdoor at LA’s Ford Ampitheatre. He says the sequel takes place two years after the first film ends.

‘Now that gay marriage is legal in NYC, I propose to my young love, Tyler, and we take our furry gang to Provincetown for a wedding weekend during it’s iconic BearWeek,’ he says. ‘All the guys are back and each give amazingly resonant performances and bring a heartwarming and laugh out loud funny story to life. One that I’m sure the fans of the first film will enjoy. I think this second film is in a completely different stratosphere than the first film. But maybe that’s just the producer in me yapping. I came on board to the second film not only as actor but as co-executive producer. So maybe I’m being biased. But I don’t think so.’

Here is a link to the film’s Facebook page where future film festivals are listed and below is the film’s trailer: