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Bears Against Brexit want you to show up at the People’s Vote march

Bears Against Brexit want you to show up at the People’s Vote march

Bears Against Brexit are taking part in the LGBTI march for a People’s Vote in London this Saturday 20 October.

Look out for a bunch of bears at the Bomber Command Memorial on Park Lane, the LGBTI gathering point.

LGBTIs and allies will meet there London at 11am. The walking groups will then join the main People’s Vote March at the junction where Stanhope Street meets Park Lane at 12pm.

Where are the bears?

‘I’m taking this Bears Against Brexit flag down to the demo on Saturday,’ said Gerard Gudgion in a Facebook post on 17 October.

He posted a picture of himself standing proudly next to the Bears Against Brexit flag.

‘Hopefully any bears etc out there if you see the flag come and walk with it. Guys have been asking where to meet up. I’m suggesting the LGBT meeting point.’

No, we aren’t talking about wildlife

‘I’m marching for a people’s vote because I believe that the referendum has clearly been made illegitimate following the illegality of the actions of the Leave campaign, the blatant lies and misinformation peddled by the campaign and, because, the rich, so-called elite who have driven their own selfish agenda at the expense of the working classes of this country,’ Gudgion told Gay Star News.

‘These same “elite” who would deny us our LGBTI rights and who we have been fighting for more than half a century to get and maintain those rights. It’s important that the LGBTI community stands up for fairness and equality for all and above all is visible in this common fight for justice.’

Bears are taking to the streets to support a People’s Vote. They ask for a public vote on the final Brexit deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union. And people love it.

‘Scrolling through my feed and I must admit that I was totally confused at first… Took a while for the penny to drop that we weren’t talking about wildlife,’ a Facebook user commented on Gudgion’s post.

Inclusivity is key

It’s crucial to have everyone on board to make the march as inclusive as possible, explained the organizers.

100,000+ people will take part in the main march. Students, professionals, and anyone who believes a no-deal Brexit might be a threat to the LGBTI community is welcome.

The march will arrive at Parliament Square where guest speakers will offer their take in favor of a People’s Vote, including human rights activist Peter Tatchell, Shakira Martin, Deborah Meaden and Sarah Wollaston MP.

Want to know more about the march? All info at the Facebook event.

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