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Here are the 16 best pictures from Birmingham Pride

Here are the 16 best pictures from Birmingham Pride

This year, Birmingham Pride turns 20 and we were there to help you celebrate.

We were there handing out Sharon Osborne designed 2016 Pride tote bags and sending out plenty of love.

The theme of this year’s pride is ‘A generation of Pride’ and that’s certainly what we saw

If you missed the parade, watch our live stream here

Here’s our wrap up of the best 16 photos from the day (in no particular order)

  1. The perfect image to get us started

2. It was a beautiful sunny day and the crowds were gathering

#pride20 #brumpride #birminghampride #gay

A photo posted by Linchi Liang (@linchioto) on

3. There were families

4. A royal visit

god save the queens #birminghampride

A photo posted by Megan 👽 (@thatscottishone) on

5. Some furry friends

6. Some friends from Oz

#pride20 #birminghampride 😎🌈 #wizardofoz

A photo posted by Luca (@animo90) on

7. And an out of this world special guest

😍 #BirminghamPride

A photo posted by Lauren Randall (@lauren1randall) on

8. The smiles were everywhere

#Pride20 #birminghampride #policedog #wmp #btp

A photo posted by Tony Morriss (@the_tony1979) on

9. The sun was out so the shirts were off


A photo posted by Joseph Spendlove (@josephspendlove) on

10. And things started to get a little… spicy

11. But the messages were clear

12. We’re here and we’re proud


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13. Some messages were a little less subtle than others…

Happy Pride #gethype #birminghampride

A photo posted by Mikey Fox (@mdfoxy90) on

14. And this!

15. But the overall message of fun, equality and pride were the loudest voices on the day

#lgbt #runners #lgbtrunners #birminghampride #pride20

A photo posted by Suraj Gregory-Kumar (@suji007) on

16. (And our bags were a hit too!)