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Beautiful gay marriage video goes viral

Beautiful gay marriage video goes viral

A gay marriage video has gone viral, and it is gorgeous.

The wedding of Robert and Nathanial, which took place last month in Kentucky, is a good reminder of what a wedding between two loving people should be like without political arguments getting in the way.

Featuring photography by Todd Pellowe, the video shows the wedding day from getting dressed, to the ceremony, to the celebration with friends and family at the end.

The video is sound-tracked by R&B artist Jennifer Hudson’s ‘If This Isn’t Love’, it brought a tear to our eye.

One viewer commented on the YouTube video, saying: ‘This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you both for sharing.

‘My heart is bursting open with happiness for you both!’

Speaking to Robert, a digital marketing expert, a Twitter user said: ‘Your video is simply amazing. Thanks for showing us true love exists.’ The loving husband responded by saying, ‘Glad we could be an inspiration.’

Check out the video here: