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36 inspiring people use #BiTwitter to show bisexual people are out and proud

36 inspiring people use #BiTwitter to show bisexual people are out and proud

#BiTwitter celebrates bisexual people in all their shapes, sizes, and colors

This isn’t going to shock you, but bisexual people exist.

Mainstream media may like to pretend that straight people ‘magically turn’ gay when they get into a same-sex relationship, it’s almost like bi and pan people are some elusive magical creatures.

So that’s why visibility is so important.

Twitter users are using the hashtag #BiTwitter to do just this.

It might be another six months until we celebrate Bi Visibility Day (23 September), but let’s see some proud and open bisexuals all year round.

Seems like the right time to reshare this for #BiTwitter

Whatever your preferences, or your dating history, nobody but you can (or should) define your sexuality.

Let’s start with two brave girls who decided to take the plunge and come out.

A user coming out under the Hashtag #BiTwitter

Or this wonderful user, who proves you can be Muslim, wear a hijab, and still be bi.

And of course, everyone in this list, because they prove bi people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Boys can be bi, girls can be bi, people who don’t see themselves on the gender-binary can be bi.

And going by some of these tweets, they also bring another quality to the mix: being very much on top of the pun game.

And because it bears repeating over and over again: No, bi people are not greedy. Yes, they are pretty amazing.

A graph showing nothing changes the fact bi people are bisexual

A graph showing things you should never have to - including being anything but proud about your sexuality

A graph showing bisexuality is a full identity and not 'half gay, half straight'