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Beauty company Ipsy under fire for transphobic Pride video

Beauty company Ipsy under fire for transphobic Pride video

Beauty company Ipsy under fire for transphobic Pride video

Beauty box company Ipsy has come under fire after releasing a Pride video featuring a transmisogynistic message.

What happened?

The since-deleted video featured a woman named Cassandra talking about her experience as a lesbian. She says, ‘I’m attracted to women and there’s definitely a spectrum between trans women, between authentic cis-gendered women, and everything in between.’

Ipsy's offensive Pride video
Ipsy’s offensive Pride video

After outcry from members of the LGBTI community, Ipsy removed the video and issued an apology.

Ipsy's social media apology
Ipsy’s social media apology

‘This weekend, we shared a video with the hopes of kicking off Pride month through heartfelt stories told by inspiring LGBTQ+ creators,’ their apology on Facebook reads.

‘Unfortunately, we missed the mark in a very big way. Our sincere apologies to anyone that we hurt with the thoughtless comments included in the video that seemed to imply that trans women were not authentic women. It was a big mistake and oversight to have included that line in what was meant to be a celebration of inclusivity. We realize we really messed up and that we still have a lot to learn.’

‘We never intended to make anyone in our community feel anything less than the powerful, beautiful, inspiring people you are. You have our word that we will work to ensure we’re fully educated on how to be more inclusive, empowering, and a champion for unique beauty.’

‘And to those of you who spoke up, we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us realize that we need to be more thoughtful. We’re sorry and will do better. We’re looking at ways we can reduce the damage caused by the post and aftermath, and will make an announcement on this in the next 2 days.’


Many LGBTI people and allies, including trans filmmaker AJ Mattioli, suggested Ipsy donate to a charity focused on helping trans women.

‘[The video] is just par for the course for companies that capitalize on cisnormative beauty standards,’ Christyn, a trans women, tells GSN.

‘To differentiate between a trans woman and a cis woman in such a way is honestly vile and transphobic. How grotesquely invalidating,’ Blythe McClellan, an Ipsy subscriber of two years, tells GSN.

‘Their apology was weak, does not specifically address what they did, does not attempt to make amends.’

‘I won’t bother to resubscribe. This is not such an amazing bag that I’m real pressed about not getting it.’

Some people, including YouTube personality Kat Blaque, took to Twitter to express their disappointment in the video.

Anything else?

This controversy comes just a couple weeks after beauty giant Sephora announced it will host free makeup classes for transgender people.