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12+ photos of BeefDip beauty in Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta

12+ photos of BeefDip beauty in Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta

Bears at BeefDip in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Growing in popularity year on year, one of the best-established dates on the international bear calendar is BeefDip Bear Week.

Swimming pool action at BeefDip
Swimming pool action at BeefDip (Photo: @officialchunkhouse | Instagram)

The furry gathering takes place at the end of January/beginning of February in the beautiful coastal resort town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It lies on the Pacific coast in the state of Jalisco.

This year’s event – based in and around the Mantamar Beach Club – is just drawing to close. It included a week of pool time frolics, wining and dining, ‘bearoke’ and late night dance clubs.

Dipping with the bears at BeefDip
Enjoying a dip with the bears! (Photo: @arobitai | Instagram)

‘It’s been amazing,’ US visitor Adam (@arobitai) told GSN. ‘This is our 8th time at the event. It’s so much bigger this year with guys coming from all over: From Canada, the US, the UK, Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, and even Abu Dabi.’

Boys on the beach in Puerto Vallarta for BeefDip
(Photo: @rsalas76 | Instagram)

‘I’m the shy type but everyone is really friendly’

A Beef Dip virgin was Dave, originally from the UK but now living in Toronto (@ncldave).

‘I’m recently single after an 11 year and then three-year relationship and decided to give this a try. It’s a little overwhelming but so much fun. I’m the shy type but everyone is really friendly,’ he told GSN.

A visitor at BeefDip in Puerto Vallarta
Visiting Brit, Dave (@ncldave | Instagram)

‘I’m hitting 40 this year and although I came out when I was 19, was never confident in myself or my body. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I discovered the bear community and accepted myself for who I was. It was almost like I had to come out twice.

‘Events like this really help. It’s such a confident booster and welcoming environment. You’re accepted for who you are.’

Husbands Juan and Jose
Husbands Juan and Jose (@juan_belmonte | Instagram)

‘Puerto Vallarta is a paradise’

‘This is the 15th anniversary of BeefDip in Puerto Vallarta,’ a spokeperson for the event said. ‘Bears come from literally everywhere: US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, several European countries, Middle East and Asia too.

Boyfriends at BeefDip
(Photo: @cbleuskyz | Instagram)

‘This has been a great year and we’re proud to be one of the friendliest events for bears all over the world. Puerto Vallarta is a paradise, and it’s an amazing time to share together.’

Check out more images from the week below

Beef Dip in Mexico
(Photo: @rddygg | Instagram)
BeefDip in Mexico
(@swimman7 | Instagram)
Beach bears in Puerto Vallarta
(@arq.salvador_g.g | Instagram)
Cubdaddysf and friends in Puerto Vallarta
(@cubdaddysf | Instagram)
'I love Beef Dip'
(@beefdipbearweek | Instagram)
Two handsome guys at BeefDip
(@stonny20 | Instagram)
Early morning walk along the beach in Puerto Vallarta
Early morning walk along the beach in Puerto Vallarta (Photo: @quatto | Instagram)
Two man on the BeeDip booze cruise
(@norty_pnw | Instagram)

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