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Beep, beep for car wash boys and babes

Beep, beep for car wash boys and babes

Feeling filthy? Well, drive on down to the beach and let five hunky men or busty babes clean up…your car that is.

If only all car washes were like the new Beach Car Wash app, which allows users to hand pick the men or women of their dreams to lather their sponges and wipe the grime from an imaginary windscreen.

The female version features girls in bikinis from hit UK reality TV show Made in Chelsea as well as well known glamor models Daisy Watts and Portia Watson.

For the boys, underwear model Lord Rob Walters is among the ripped and toned hotties flexing their biceps and showing off their washboard abs.

The app is available now from the iTunes store and we are giving it away to three lucky readers on our Facebook page. So check it out now!