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Why this year’s Belfast Pride is one of the most significant to attend

Why this year’s Belfast Pride is one of the most significant to attend

Crowd at Belfast Pride

Belfast Pride has launched this year’s application process to take part in the parade, calling for people to support their campaign for equality.

Northern Ireland lags behind England, Wales and Scotland and the Republic of Ireland in terms of LGBTI equality and reproductive and fertility rights.

Same-sex couples can enter civil partnerships, but same-sex marriages aren’t legal. Moreover, abortion is illegal except for saving the mother’s life.

Marriage Equality was blocked five times before the region’s parliament was suspended over two years ago. There are also no plans to address the lack of Gender Recognition rights in the near future. Moreover, there are no plans for LGBTI-inclusive relationship and sex education in schools.

After the tragic murder of lesbian journalist Lyra McKee, many are urging Stormont to speed up the equality process. The murder of McKee has spurred the local political parties to go back in to round table talks for the first time in over a year.

Belfast Pride 2019

This year’s Belfast Pride, the biggest in Northern Ireland, will run from 26 July to 4 August. The annual parade will take to the streets on Saturday 3 August.

‘Belfast Pride tackles the denial of rights here head-on with a ten-day festival with over 135 events and a big weekend of protest and celebration that lights up the city,’ Chair of Belfast Seán Ó Néill commented.

‘We invite the world to find out about what is happening here and join the protest and celebration at this unique Pride. We are demanding our
rights now and we need your support.’

2018 Pride saw a 55,000-strong crowd filling the streets of the capital.

‘Last year 55,000 people heard our call asking people to “Come Out for Change” and we want to exceed that number this year with the biggest festival and parade ever. Come visit Belfast and be part of the change,’ Parade Manager Gerard McAtamney said.

A day of Pride

Belfast Pride is partnering with Gay Star News this year to bring attention to the inequalities faced by LGBTI people in Belfast and to
encourage people to come to Belfast for Pride.

They have released a video to mark the big parade’s announcement. The emotional clip includes the most joyful, crucial moments of last year’s parade.

Take a look at Pride Day 2018 below:

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