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Bella Thorne posts her own nudes after a stranger threatens her online

Bella Thorne posts her own nudes after a stranger threatens her online

Bella Thorne says she was hacked

Bella Thorne has responded to a hacker allegedly stealing intimate photos of her by posting the images herself to Twitter.

The bisexual actor, singer and model, 21, says she was posting the photos as she refused to be intimidated by the stranger.

‘Fuck u and the power u think you have over me,’ she said in an angry tweet posted Saturday. It included screenshots of messages she had received from the alleged hacker. The images also included the person’s phone number.

What happened to Bella Thorne?

In a screenshot of a message typed to her phone, Thorne explained what happened.

Bella Thorne on Twitter
@BellaThorne on Twitter

‘Yesterday as you all know my shit was hacked For the last 24 hours I have been threatened with my own nudes I feel gross, I feel watched, I feel someone has taken something special from me that I only wanted one special person to see, He has sent me multiple nude photos of other celebs, he won’t stop with me or them he will just keep going…I’m putting this out because it’s MY DECISION NOW U DONT GET TO TAKE YET ANOTHER THING FROM ME.

‘I can sleep better tonight knowing I took my power back…Here’s the photos he’s been threatening me with, in other words here’s my boobies.

‘So here fuck u, and the last 24 hours I have been crying instead of celebrating my book while doing my book press. Oh yea, the fbi will be at your house shortly, so watch. Your. Mother. Fuckin. Back.’

The tweets included a series of topless images.

The book Thorne is referencing is The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray, out July. In it, Thorne gives fans an insight into her personal struggles, relationships and life via poetry.

Who is Bella Thorne?

Thorne first came to attention in the second season of Dirty Sexy Money in 2007. She has since appeared in My Own Worst Enemy, Big Love and Famous In Love, as well as releasing her own music. She has amassed a large social media following, with over 19million followers on Instagram and 6million+ on Twitter.

Thorne came out as bisexual in 2016.

Thorne is far from being the first celebrity to have had personal images hacked. In recent years, the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Gabrielle Union, Rosario Dawson, Scarlett Johannson and Tiger Woods had been targeted by hackers.

GSN has contacted Thorne’s representatives for further comment.

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