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‘Beloved’ trans woman paralyzed after being beaten in Denver

‘Beloved’ trans woman paralyzed after being beaten in Denver

Attackers left Amber Nicole with a partially paralyzed face

A trans woman was brutally beaten up in Denver, Colorado, in an attack that left her paralyzed on the right side of her face.

Amber Nicole told CBS Local she was harassed as she left Tavern Downtown, a bar in LoDo, in the early morning on 28 April.

The incident left Nicole with a broken face and jaw. But friends and family are coming together to raise money to pay the medical bills of the ‘beloved trans performer.’

What happened to Amber Nicole?

Out with friends at the downtown bar, Nicole described leaving at around 1:20am. But then attackers harassed her.

Cell phone footage showed Nicole crying as she almost gets into a car before telling a friend to ‘keep recording.’

Seconds later, Nicole is seen stumbling back towards the vehicle.

‘That’s when she realizes that the two of us are covered in blood because I was bleeding so much from the attack,’ Nicole said.

‘We’re just out trying to live our lives and have fun with our peers, be with out friends. Just live our lives and people can’t seem to see us that way.’

Her friend drove Nicole to the hospital. Her mother, Juls Martinez, arrived shortly after.

‘I was horrified to see my baby like that and all I could do was thank God that she was alive, but then I didn’t even know if she would wake up,’ said Martinez.

Attackers broke Nicole’s face and jaw in several places. Moreover, nerve damage left the right side of her face partially paralyzed.

Doctors are unsure if she will recover.

Nobody helped her

When Nicole, visibly bleeding, saw others nearby in the video, she wondered why nobody tried to help her.

‘There’s so many people who can see an incident and stop it or do something about it or make a report about it.

‘But nobody does and I don’t understand why. It feels like because I’m different.’

The Denver Police Department are appealing for witnesses to the attack to come forward.

‘A beloved trans performer’

With ‘horrendous’ medical bills piling up, Nicole’s friends started a fundraiser to help out with the costs. Supporters have so far raised just over $3,200 [€2868.26] in two days.

‘This hate crime has shaken Amber and her closest friends and family. It should shake the entire community,’ organizers said.

‘We must stand for our trans sister.’

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