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Ben Carson: Gay people ‘perhaps are abnormal’

Ben Carson: Gay people ‘perhaps are abnormal’

Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson considers same-sex marriage and protections for transgender individuals ‘extra rights’ for people who he suggests are ‘abnormal.’

Carson, who has seen his once strong standing in the polls drop dramatically in recent months, talked about LGBTI rights with the Catholic network EWTN over the weekend and made clear where he stands.

Asked about protections for transgender students in schools Carson said: ‘I mean, it’s beyond ridiculous that you take the most abnormal situation and then you make everyone else conform to it. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

‘That’s one of the very reasons that I have been an outspoken opponent of things like gay marriage. I don’t have any problem with gay people doing anything they want to do. You know, it’s a free country, there’s freedom of association. However, when you now impose your value system on everybody else and change fundamental definitions and principles of society, I have a big problem with that.’

Then he added: ‘Everybody is equal, everybody has equal rights, but nobody gets extra rights. And when we start trying to impose the extra rights based on a few people who perhaps are abnormal, where does that lead?’

H/T: Right Wing Watch