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Trump supporter Ben Carson mocks ‘this whole transgender thing’

Trump supporter Ben Carson mocks ‘this whole transgender thing’

.Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson prefers the military policy Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Donald Trump supporter Ben Carson had some unkind things to say about transgender people during a speech to Florida delegates at the Republican National Convention,.

‘For thousands of years, mankind has known what a man is and what a woman is. And now all of a sudden we don’t know anymore,’  Carson said on Monday, according to CNN.

‘Is that the height of absurdity?,’ he asked, adding, ‘because today, you feel like a woman even though everything about you genetically says that you’re a man or vice versa?’

The retired neurosurgeon then compared being transgender with changing ethnicities.

‘Wouldn’t that be the same as if you woke up tomorrow morning after seeing a movie about Afghanistan or reading some books and said, “You know what? I’m Afghanistan. I know I don’t look that way. My ancestors came from Sweden, or something, I don’t know. But I really am. And if you say I’m not, (then) you’re racist.”‘
Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, took to Twitter  to share his surprise that a medical doctor would make such comments about people with gender dysphoria.
‘What doesn’t make sense is @RealBenCarson‘s ignorance of the medical community’s consensus about transgender people,’ Griffin said in a tweet.
Carson was part of a large pool of candidates who sought the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. He was briefly a front-runner with Trump but then faded after poor debate performances.