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BenDeLaCreme shares real reason for All Stars exit, bemoans ‘produced drama’

BenDeLaCreme shares real reason for All Stars exit, bemoans ‘produced drama’

BenDeLaCreme | Photo: RPDR All stars/World of Wonder

BenDeLaCreme has opened up about her decision to quit RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3.

Speaking on the Hey Qween web series, the drag queen admitted: ‘I kind of left because I was over the produced drama.’

The star was a favourite to win the show until she left in episode six.

The series would eventually be won, somewhat controversially, by Trixie Mattell. (Many felt Shangela was more deserving of the title).

BenDeLaCreme furthermore discussed Shangela losing the jury vote on the show, saying she didn’t want to vote at all but was made to.

‘My resolve was worn down’

‘I think to a certain degree we were – I can’t speak for the group –  but I think we had all just been through it,’ she said. ‘Man, that is an exhausting production to be a part of.

‘You know, if you’re still in the competition your adrenaline’s going. We were all just over it. We played the game, went home, didn’t go home, unwent home…’

She later added: ‘There’s no winning in this situation. They set up the situation so somebody would be angry at somebody. That’s the point. Somebody’s going to be mad, someone’s going to be pleased, there’s going to be talk on the internet.

‘But for me I left because I was over the produced drama. I then had to come back and didn’t want to vote but I did. Or they told me I had to. My resolve was worn down. How many times do you have the energy to walk off of Drag Race?’

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