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Benjy the ‘gay bull’ castrated over fears he is bisexual

Benjy the ‘gay bull’ castrated over fears he is bisexual

It was the gay animal story of 2014.

When people learned Irish bull Benjy was going to be killed because he refused to breed, it created an internet phenomenon.

The story of Benjy the ‘gay bull’ spread to the ears of Simpsons creator Sam Simon who put up £5,000 ($7,800, €6,300) to buy Benjy and transport him to a sanctuary where he’ll be able to live out his natural life in peace.

Now Gay Star News can reveal that Benjy’s sexuality may not be all it seemed.

John Watson, of Hillside Animal Sanctuary, where Benjy now lives, told us: ‘When he got here he went nose to nose with a male calf [pictured], and everyone said it was his first kiss.’

It looked like same-sex love was blossoming among the clover. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

‘He has gone out to grass with quite a lot of other cows and Wendy said he was looking quite happy with a female cow,’ Watson added.

They were so worried he may not be 100% gay they have castrated him as ‘we couldn’t take the risk he would impregnate all our female cows’.

It looks like Benjy, like most animals, sees gender as no barrier to affection.

Click here to help keep Benjy, and 2,000 of his friends at Hillside Animal Sanctuary, safe and happy.