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Berlin launches ‘multi-generational’ LGBT sheltered house

Berlin launches ‘multi-generational’ LGBT sheltered house

Europe’s biggest multi-generational house of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people has opened in Berlin, Germany.

The Lebensort Vielfalt (Diverse Living Space) has opened in Charlottenburg, west of the city center, thanks to the Berlin’s gay and lesbian advisory service, and has cost €6 million ($7.75 million).

LGBT people of all ages are encouraged to live together in the 25 mini-flats and rooms of the venue. But 70% of the space is dedicated to elderly people, making it also Berlin’s first LGBT sheltered house.

Berlin’s gay and lesbian advisory service’s spokesman, Marco Pulver, said: ‘What all our residents have in common is that they wanted to live together with other LGBT people.’

So, under the same roof, elderly gay men who were persecuted by the Nazis and today’s young artists share their lives and experiences.

The venue also hosts a restaurant, communal spaces, a library and large living rooms where the residents can meet.

For those affected by senile dementia, there’s also a medical center with doctor and nurses.

The house, which has been sponsored by the private sector and by the Deutsche Bank’s Rainbow Gruppe, is directed by Marcel de Groot.