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How many of these must-see museums have you been to in Berlin?

Every time I'm in the German capital I fall a little more in love with this vibrant and dynamic city

How many of these must-see museums have you been to in Berlin?
Which of these Berlin museums have you visited?

It’s hard to beat Berlin as a European mini-break destination.

One of the city’s many strengths is the culture and history that surrounds you at every turn. Here’s five impressive museums that you might want to add to your itinerary for your next visit:

Pergamon Museum – Museum Island

Pergamon Museum, BerlinImage published via Wikipedia

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

One of the most popular attractions in Berlin, the Pergamon Museum is world famous for its archaeological holdings. The Pergamon, located on Museum Island, is really three museums in one – the Collection of Classical Antiquities, the Museum of the Ancient Near East, and the Museum of Islamic Art.

The museum takes its name from the Pergamon Altar – an ancient Greek shrine transported from Turkey, with a freeze depicting the Gods doing battle with the Giants to decide who should rule the earth. Due to extensive renovations, the Pergamon Altar hall is currently closed to visitors. It’s scheduled to reopen in late 2019. The other parts of the Pergamon Museum are not affected and stay open to the public during that time.

Jewish Museum – Lindenstraße

Shalechet, an installation in Berlin's Jewish Museum, aims to give a voice to the Holocaust's victims.Flickr / Dominic Simpson

Shalechet, an installation in Berlin’s Jewish Museum, aims to give a voice to the Holocaust’s victims.

This is an excellently displayed and thought-provoking journey through the whole history of Jews in Germany, including, of course, the Holocaust.

Schwules Museum – Lützowstraße

Berlin's Schwules MuseumPhoto: Kim Schneider

Berlin’s Schwules Museum

Opened in 1985, the Schwules Museum documents LGBT life in Berlin. It’s packed into a few ramshackle rooms and very reliant on photos and text to tell the story but it’s still interesting and remains one of the world’s few gay museums.

Checkpoint Charlie – Friedrichstraße

Checkpoint Charlie, BerlinImage published via Wikipedia

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

The Haus am Checkpoint Charlie is the most chaotic exhibition you will ever visit. Situated on the most famous crossing point between East and West it is worth seeing to learn about the innovative ways people used to flee to the Soviet regime – hot air balloon and a home-made submarine are among the more unlikely options.

The Memorial to Homosexuals persecuted under Nazism – Tiergarten

The memorial to gay victims of the Nazis, BerlinPhoto: Paul David Doherty

The memorial to gay victims of the Nazis, Berlin

In a corner of the enormous park known as Tiergarten park you’ll find the memorial to gay men who were persecuted under the Nazis. Inside the plain stone block a video plays of men kissing tenderly, but defiantly.

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