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Bernie Sanders put a trans flag outside his office but Twitter was creased

Bernie Sanders put a trans flag outside his office but Twitter was creased

Bernie Sanders

Everyone loves an ally who tries, and US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is one of them.

When the 77-year-old proudly placed a trans flag outside of his office earlier this week (26 March) LGBTI Twitter voiced their support.

But a few users pointed out and even embraced a small detail about the flag that’s hard to miss.

What did the tweet say?

‘Discrimination has no place in our society,’ Sanders captioned the photo.

‘I am proud to display this flag as a symbol of my support for transgender people across the country.

‘We must stand with transgender people in all of our communities.’

‘You might consider ironing it’

Most of Twitter reacted warmly to Sanders’ show of support, but some pointed a key detail of the flag out; it was heavily and unmistakably creased.

‘Thanks but could you steam it first,’ one user suggested.

‘Yikes,’ said another user.

Another jumped in: ‘You might consider ironing it. If not for respect, then to make it look you didn’t buy it yesterday.’

But another Twitter user replied: ‘No, no, as a trans person, I want you to know like none of us ever iron it either.

‘Frankly, this is the representation we need.’

‘Toss it in the dryer for like a minute, Bern,’ a user helpfully recommended.

One user even spoofed a popular Simpsons ‘steamed hams’ meme and replacing the hamburgers with freshly steamed trans flags.

‘Well, I’m the senator of Vermont, and I’ve never heard anyone use the phrase “steamed flags” before,’ a user jokingly said.

Support on the front-line 

While not explicit, Sanders’ display of trans support comes on the same week that Trump’s ban on trans people in the military got the go-ahead.

That is, all final hurdles – the four judge injunctions – were all lifted. And, days after Sanders’ tweet, the appeal was declined.

Many politicians have voacalized their disgreement with the Trump administrations many pushes to impose the ban, including Sanders and fellow Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton. 

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