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The best of Carpool Karaoke – but who got the most views?

The best of Carpool Karaoke – but who got the most views?

Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Adele and Madonna have all featured on carpool karaoke this year

When British talk show host James Corden launched his carpool karaoke segment as part of his Late Late Show back in early 2015, few could have predicted how popular it would become.

In fact, the YouTube videos of the Carpool Karaoke now routinely rack up more views than his successful TV show does.

Over the past 20 months, he’s had the pleasure of sharing car space with several LGBTI icons. One in particular proved hugely popular, notching up over 142million views at the time of writing.

Below are our favorites, ranked in order of popularity.


Posted December 2016: 15million views and counting

Elton John

Posted February 2016: 16million views and counting

Jennifer Hudson

Posted April 2015: 26million views and counting

Mariah Carey

Posted March 2015: 29million views and counting

Britney Spears

Posted August 2016: 29million views and counting

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas

Posted May 2016: 31million views and counting

Lady Gaga

Posted October 2016: 33million views and counting

First Lady Michelle Obama

Posted July 2016: 50million views and counting

Jennifer Lopez

Posted March 2016: 56million views and counting


Posted February 2016: 73million views and counting

And the most popular one of all… Adele

Posted January 2016: 142million views and counting