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21 of the world’s most amazing same-sex wedding cakes

21 of the world’s most amazing same-sex wedding cakes

This Lego-inspired wedding cake was commissioned by two Brides who wanted to amuse their sons

There are many things to love about weddings: the exchange of vows, the speeches, the sight of loved ones tying the knot with one another… and wedding cake.

With same-sex marriage spreading around the world, many gay couples are choosing to celebrate their nuptials with some spectacular creations.

Here are just a few of the most amazingly decorated rainbow creations and same-sex wedding cakes.

Try to scan through these without suffering sugar cravings!

1. Together forever!

Best wedding cake award goes to #BillAndDan ⛓#Instaygay #GayWeddingCake #BallAndChain

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2. From Germany with love

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3. Rainbow rhapsody

4. It’s a nice day for a white wedding

5. Beyond sweet

6. Simply stunning

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7. You’re making eyes at me!

8. Celebrating a transatlantic coupling

9. Simplicity

10. Lego love!

11. Fruity Brazilian creation

12. Monochrome men

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13. Caravan camp

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14. Purple reign

15. Ring o’roses

16. Milanese mastery

17. Heady stuff!

Best cake topper ever for Jeff & Shannon’s wedding cake

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18. All you need is love

19. Can we eat the keychain?

20. Some leather love

21. Gays 1 and 2!

Did you have an amazing wedding cake at your celebration? Post your own photo below.