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Here are some of the best queer prom pictures from 2018

Here are some of the best queer prom pictures from 2018

A couple posing for prom photos

It is spring once again and that means one thing — it’s prom season.

As high schools across the United States start wrapping up their years, with students impatiently waiting for summer, seniors are attending the night they’ve been waiting for.

Prom is a Big Deal (something Hollywood has repeatedly told us). It’s a night for high school seniors to dress to the nines, dance their hearts out, and celebrate the end of one chapter and beginning of another.

It all starts with the elaborate proposals, which can sometimes have consequences for LGBTQ students, and leads up to the big night.

This year, students really did dress to impress.

Here are some of the flashiest and great queer prom photos from this year.


Jake Bain and Hunter Sigmund at prom
The swimmer and the football star | Photo: Instagram @jake.bain

Jake Bain and Hunter Sigmund are graduating seniors at John Burroughs High School in Missouri.

Bain is a football player and Sigmund is a swimmer. Don’t they make the cutest couple?


‘My better half, my saving grace.’

Talk about swoon-worthy.



Those dresses slay.



Friends at queer prom
Queer prom is the best | Photo: Instagram

Some people also attended queer proms, which are becoming increasingly popular.


Friends posing for prom
The Pose | Photo: Instagram

Always gotta do The Pose.


Lookin’ good | Photo: Instagram @dustreaper


Prom couple
Power couple | Photo: Instagram @burritofemme

Queer power couples, indeed.