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21+ of the best RuPaul’s Drag Race-inspired tattoos

21+ of the best RuPaul’s Drag Race-inspired tattoos

Just three incredible Drag Race-inspired tattoos

We all know that there are fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race and then there are devotees of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Over its ten seasons, the show has cultivated a hardcore following that shows little sign of abating. In fact, it’s just been renewed for an 11th season.

However, for some, watching the show and attending DragCon is just not enough. They’ve taken their love of certain queens or show hosts to another level.

‘Who would get a RPDR-inspired tattoo?’ we hear you ask? Well, a cursory look around Instagram and Pinterest reveals that there are literally hundreds out there.

Here are just a handful of the more impressive ones – with some of the stories from behind the ink.

Bianca Del Rio

A Bianca Del Rio tattoo
Photo: @jazminobambino | Instagram

‘The tattoo artist, Ebony Mellowship is an old school Drag Race fan, from the forgotten season and Drag U and all round gorgeous human being,’ says Instagrammer @jazminobambino. ‘I love her work and mentioned I wanted a Bianca Del Rio tattoo [above].

‘Aesthetically, she is always put together. Immaculate. There’s her composure and confidence, which is everything. And the bitch is beyond funny.

‘I was in a super dark place for way too long and “Not today, Satan” woke me tf up.
Whenever I felt like I couldn’t even deal, I bucked up & my mantra was “Not today, Satan. Not today.” If I could choose a spirit animal, Bianca Del Rio is it.’

Bianca Del Rio tattoo by @sammysurjaytattoo
Bianca Del Rio tattoo by @sammysurjaytattoo (Photo: Instagram)
'Not today Satan' - another Bianca Del Rio, this time by @carlatattoos
‘Not today Satan’ – another Bianca Del Rio, this time by @carlatattoos (Photo: Instagram)

Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage tattoo
This Michelle Visage tattoo was recently reshared by the great woman herself (tattoo by @sammysurjaytattoo)

Trixie Mattel

The two Trixie tattoos belonging to @beccahart1990
The two Trixie tattoos belonging to @beccahart1990 – tattoos by @flanderztattoo

‘I have an IQ kitty Trixie on my forearm and a Hippy Trixie on the back of my calf [above] done by the lovely Emma Jayne Lightfoot or Flanderz Tattoo in Manchester. She is also a lover of queens and has tattooed quite a few of them.

‘I chose Trixie as I feel a connection with her. We have similar backgrounds and aesthetically as she makes me happy to look at. I feel like the whole premise of Trixie is so empowering to women. She allows me to embrace my femininity, in a comfortable frilly, less sexualized way by embodying the Polly Pocket/Barbie/Betty Spaghetti hyper feminine place a lot of us 90s children feel nostalgic for. It’s like a comfort thing.

‘I look up to her so much for the things she has overcome after having darkness in her past. It helps push me forward on dark days and remind me that the horrible moments of your past doesn’t have to define you.’

Becca Hart

A large Trixie Mattel should design
A large Trixie Mattel shoulder design (@minervalodgetattooclub | Instagram)
Trixie Mattel on @hannahflana by @littlerachtattoo
Trixie Mattel on @hannahflana by @littlerachtattoo (Photo: Instagram)

‘I’ve always been a fan of Trixie since season 7 and was so happy to see her return for All Stars. She had a rough start to the season but I felt like she totally turned it around in the group challenge with IQ Kitty and the look was iconic!

‘My tattoo artist @littlerachtattoo is a massive drag race fan too and has a really unique style to her designs, so when she said the I.Q Kitty design was up for grabs I knew I had to have it!’


Lil Poundcake

L'il Poundcake by @sophielewistattoos (Photo:
L’il Poundcake by @sophielewistattoos (Photo: @litteredwithgarbage | Instagram)


Katya tattoo on @natalei_ by @flanderztattoo
Katya tattoo on @natalei_ by @flanderztattoo (Photo: Instagram)

‘I got it because I adore Katya and her satanic look is her fave of all time! So instead of hail satan why not hail the queen Katya?!

‘The reaction has been a mix of confusion and admiration. Drag Race fans love it and those who don’t know who it is have asked me the story of who she is and they have become drag queen lovers!’

Sasha Velour

Sasha Velour
Sasha Velour by @lonerosetattoo (Photo: Instagram)
Sasha Velour
Sasha Velour by @azha (Photo: Instagram)
A beautiful Sasha Velour
A beautiful Sasha Velour on @ladymamut by (Photo: Instagram)
A deconstructed homage tattoo to Sasha Velour
A deconstructed homage tattoo to Sasha Velour (Photo: Supplied)

‘My tattoo [above] was inspired by Sasha Velour’s club kid look she did on season 9 episode 9,’ says Darren, 22, queer and genderqueer/nonbinary.

‘I chose this specific look because I am very much inspired by the club kid scene: the crazy looks, the gender bending-ness, the freeness.

‘Sasha Velour is a big inspiration to me because she stands for something different in the queer community. The tattoo in general is a tribute to all the queer people who fought for the rights we have today, who chose and choose to live their lives outside of the binaries and who are politically engaged with wanting to make the world a queerer safe space.’

Sharon Needles

Sharon Needles by @bexlowetattoos
Sharon Needles by @bexlowetattoos (Photo: Instagram)


RuPaul Drag Race queen Aja
Aja by @morguetattoo (Photo: Instagram)

Mama herself… RuPaul

Mama Ru - an incredibly detailed RuPaul tattoo by @the_art_of_dekay
Mama Ru – an incredibly detailed tattoo by @the_art_of_dekay (Photo: Instagram)
RuPaul tattoo by @bexlowetattoo
RuPaul tattoo by @bexlowetattoo (Photo: Instagram)
RuPaul tattoo
(Photo: @clareclarity | Instagram)
RuPaul tattoo 'werk' by @katietattoos
RuPaul tattoo ‘werk’ by @katietattoos (Photo: Instagram)

Courtney Act

Courtney Act tattoo
Courtney Act (@meggiecooper | Instagram)

‘My tattooist Danielle Ronson sat down and looked through several different portraits of Courtney Act. I wanted one with her fierce pink hair and the typical Courtney look.

‘The reaction has been out of this world. Like every knows who it is straight of the bat and ever since Courtney herself has seen it and put it on her instagram it’s gone mental. Every comment has been positive and I couldn’t be happier about it.’

Meggie Cooper


Milk tattoo by @lucybluetattoo (Photo: Instagram)
Milk by @lucybluetattoo (Photo: Instagram)

Last but by no means least…

Remember her name! Miss Vanjie tattoo on @borg_princess
Remember her name! Miss Vanjie tattoo on @borg.princess (Photo: Instagram)

‘I wanted it to be cute and girly like her episode 1 runway look because I loved it!’


A Miss Vanjie tattoo on @lexilazaro by @tattoosbyshannon
A Miss Vanjie tattoo on @lexilazaro by @tattoosbyshannon (Photo: Instagram)

‘The design [above] was a flash piece that my tattoo artist, Shannon Taber (@tattoosbyshannon), created,’ says Lexi Lazaro. ‘As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it because it brings together two of my favorite things – the legendary Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and morbidity/death.

‘Miss Vanjie left us way too soon in season 10 but the “Miss…Vanjie” call echoed the rest of the season proving legends never die.’

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