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The best selfie from the Gay Star Beach Party won a trip to Vienna

The best selfie from the Gay Star Beach Party won a trip to Vienna

If only all selfies were rewarded with a free holiday.

As part of Gay Star News’ second birthday party this past weekend, Vienna Tourist Board and Austrian Airlines were offering party guests the chance to win a four-star holiday in Vienna.

All guests had to do was take a selfie and post it to Gayfriendly Vienna’s Facebook page.

Out of dozens of entries over two days, Vienna Tourist Board and Austrian Airlines let the public speak: Sérgio Rebelo’s photo garnered the most likes on Facebook, and so he was a natural choice to win the selfie prize.

After he was notified that he won, Sérgio exclaimed: ‘I have never won anything in my life. What a great way to end THAT dry spell.

‘I’m so excited!’

Sérgio has won:

  • Two Economy Class round-trip tickets to Vienna from London’s Heathrow Airport
  • Two nights for two in a four-star hotel including buffet breakfast
  • And two Vienna Cards. The Vienna Cards include 72 hours of public transportation and discounts to over 210 museums and attractions.

Today, Vienna’s booming gay and lesbian scene includes Marea Alta lesbian bar and very popular Village Bar.

From housing the oldest zoo in the world to an opera house built by a gay couple, Vienna earns its reputation as the cosmopolitan capital of Austria.

Check out the Gayfriendly Vienna Facebook page and the Gay and Lesbian Vienna Tourist Board page for more information and photos on where to go when you plan your Vienna holiday.

For available flights, visit Austrian Airlines who is offering flights four times a day from London Heathrow to Vienna.