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Bestselling India author: Anti-gay law is ‘our collective sin’

Bestselling India author: Anti-gay law is ‘our collective sin’

Bestselling Indian author Chetan Bhagat has blasted his country’s anti-gay law as ‘sinful’ in a blog post published on the Times of India website.

He wrote, ‘We make 100 million Indians criminals and go about our daily lives as if their concerns are irrelevant to us. To me, this is nothing short of a collective sin.

‘Section 377 is not an Indian law but an inheritance of British law. The same law, with the same section number existed in over 40 colonies of the British empire. Most of them have junked it or modified it to decriminalize homosexuality. We have held on to it as if it is part of India’s cultural heritage, whereas it is nothing but a relic of an unscientific, Victorian past.’

Bhagat has sold more books than any other Indian English-language author and the film adaption of one of his novels, 3 Idiots, is the third highest-grossing movie in Bollywood history.

However, he warned that a Western gay rights movement would not work in India.

He wrote, ‘Any breakthrough in gay rights should not spill out on the streets, in the form of Western inspired gay parades or anything that presents being gay as being somewhat fashionable or cool. While you have the right to do so, please note that we have to nudge a conservative, almost hostile society towards change. If we freak them out, they will only withdraw further.’