This lesbian couple made a romance between Betty and Veronica come true

Xena and her girlfriend, Ella

A lesbian couple has taken the internet by storm with their iconic couple costume.

Halloween may be over but praise has to be given to their flawless looks.

Xena and girlfriend Ella dressed as Archie comic characters Betty and Veronica.

They recently shared the pictures online.

The female characters also star in their own Archie comic series called Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica.

The series is described as focusing on ‘best friends and worst enemies’ Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.

Xena took on the role of the dark-haired posh girl in town Veronica Lodge.

Meanwhile Ella embodied the sweetheart character of Betty Cooper.

Xena explained to GSN: ‘I used to read the comics as a kid and could sense a lot of tension between the two. But a lot of the stuff I read was very much “Archie marries Betty,”

So we came across the idea when we heard Betty and Veronica were actually shipped together.’



The Archie comics character were recently used to create hit US series Riverdale.

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge are two of the characters in the series.

Xena continued: ‘I’ve never actually watched Riverdale before but heard a lot of queerbaiting was going on on the show between the two. So, we were just like yeah we definitely should do it now because of that.’

The show came under fire for queerbaiting fans with a kiss between characters Betty and Veronica.

Queerbaiting is when a potential same-sex romance is hinted at or suggested, but is then ignored or joked at.

Lili Reinhart plays Betty in the popular TV series.

In an interview she told fans the girls would not be kissing again.

‘They’re soulmates in a friends’ way. Our show is not meant to be fan fiction,’ Reinhart said.

‘We give them a taste of it when they kiss, but that’s all it is. People love Beronica and they want to see them together, but that’s just not our show.’