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Between ducking from bombs in Gaza, Anderson Cooper does battle on Twitter

Gay CNN anchor pulls no punches in exchanges with snarky viewers

Between ducking from bombs in Gaza, Anderson Cooper does battle on Twitter

Anderson Cooper has been proving in recent days that he is nobody’s punching bag on Twitter.

The CNN anchor and daytime talk show host has been reporting on the bloody conflict between Isreal and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and even had to duck when there were blasts nearby.

But that doesn’t mean he’s been too distracted to craft witheringly sarcastic responses to some of the unflattering things that are being written about him on Twitter.

First there was @Pamela_Weiss who chastised Cooper to ‘report a fair story’ and ‘talk about the rockets being fired from Gaza.’ She added the hashtag #losingcredibility.

The problem was, Cooper had indeed reported, and tweeted eight minutes earlier, about missiles being fired from Gaza.

So, he pounced: ‘Ummmm…. I just did that and have been doing that repeatedly on twitter and on tv. Do you actually think before you tweet? Perhaps spend less time tweeting about coconut flan and more time actually following the news.’


Then there was an anti-gay tweeter named @RetireLeo who wrote: ‘Didn’t Cooper admit he was gay, if so let’s let the Palestians know and see what happens.’

Cooper let him have it too: ‘Wow, tough words from an anon Internet troll. why not use your name and photo, coward? Have some more fritos and keep typing.’

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