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Bi guy gets biphobia on Tinder but then a major plot twist happens

Bi guy gets biphobia on Tinder but then a major plot twist happens

Sam Plant, who is bi, with his sister's dog during Edinburgh Pride 2019 | Picture: Instagram (@samplant.mp3)

A bi guy matched with a biphobe on Tinder yesterday (17 July) but then the biggest plot twist known to human history happened.

Sam Plant posted about what happened to him on what has become a viral tweet, with more than 43,000 retweets in under a day.

Although it seems that just about everyone is baffled about not only the casual biphobia, but what his matchee Lacie truly turned out to be.

What happened?

Sam, based-in Scotland, was just looking around that evening. Swiping away, before he matched with a girl called ‘Lacie.’

But when his bisexuality came up in conversation—he has it listed on his profile—Lacie wasn’t exactly pleased to hear it.

‘Wait,’ she typed, ‘are you bi?’

‘Yeah,’ Sam replied.

Lacie hit back: ‘Sorry, I never noticed. I only date straight men, you seem very very nice, though.’

‘Well, that’s oddly homophobic. Why would my sexuality matter?’

As the two fired off, Sam eventually had enough and cut the conversation clean. ‘Nah, I don’t talk to homophobes. Bye.’

But in a plot twist that nobody could ever see coming, Lacie admitted something.

‘Okay, well, I’m a catfish, too,’ she said.

‘Did you really expect a black girl to be called Lacie?’

Who was the person in the photos?

Sam screenshot the exchange and posted it onto his Twitter. He and the over 43,000 people who have liked it so far are truly baffled by it all.

But while the person behind the ‘Lacie’ account remains unknown, it turned out that the person whose photos were used directly messaged Sam.

Nimi DM’d Sam to apologize for what happened to him. She wrote: ‘Sorry this happened to you. But wtf [what the f**k] I have a boyfriend, so I wouldn’t even have Tinder.’

‘I felt kinda shocked’

Sam told Gay Star News: ‘I matched with her like an hour before the screenshot, just gave her the general Tinder chat like “how you doing, where you from,” just normal small talk.

But when her biphobia bubbled up, the singer couldn’t believe it. ‘I felt kinda shocked,’ he told me over Twitter. ‘Mainly because she didn’t see anything wrong with it, and even tried to argue her case.

‘When she said she was a catfish, I just burst out laughing.

‘The response so far has been alright, but there’s been a whole big discussion about the issue going on under the tweet.

‘I’ve just blocked most people because I don’t have the time or energy to explain it to everyone.’

When Nimi hit him up, he said he felt ‘shock’ but ‘felt bad because her face was attached to this homophobia.

‘She apologised for some reason too? Even though she’s done nothing wrong!’

Biphobia in dating: More common than you think

Biphobia isn’t something that Sam has encountered on dating apps before, he said. But for many bi folk, it’s a daily reality.

Joe Duncan* told Gay Star News that, as a bi man, he’s had girlfriends break-up with him as they ‘can’t cope’ with him ‘not only liking girls, but guys, too.’

Duncan explained that ‘jealously’ is often a reason people won’t date him.

‘They say there’s double the amount of people I can cheat on them with,’ he said.

*Identity anonymized. 

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