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Big Brother’s Andrew Brady on Ann Widdecombe: ‘Prejudice is prejudice’

Big Brother’s Andrew Brady on Ann Widdecombe: ‘Prejudice is prejudice’

Andrew Brady for Gay Times

Andrew Brady believes age shouldn’t be a factor for prejudice.

The recently-booted Celebrity Big Brother housemate believes Ann Widdecombe’s age cannot excuse her conservative views on LGBTI issues.

During this season, Ann described herself as a ‘pensioner and defender of the unborn, traditional marriage and the Roman Catholic Church.’

For this reason, she’s looked on disapprovingly and rolled her eyes as Courtney Act dressed in her drag.

Andrew Brady
Andrew Brady. | Photo: Jack Alexander / Gay Times

‘If you’re homophobic, you’re homophobic’

And now Andrew Brady’s weighed in on his best mate in the house and her rivalry with Ann.

Speaking to Gay Times, Brady said: ‘Prejudice is prejudice.

‘Someone like Ann has been in the public eye, has been educated, and I don’t think people in that instance can be forgiven.

‘It doesn’t matter what shape it comes in, or size, or age – it’s still prejudice.

‘I don’t want to compare the two to an extreme, but if you look at Donald Trump, he’s 71-years-old and we’re not using his age as an excuse as to why he’s getting away with all this stuff. Why are we doing it with everyone else?

Drag Race star Courtney Act and Apprentice star Andrew Brady
Andrew Brady likes Courtney Act. | Photo: @CourtneyAct / Instagram and Celebrity Big Brother

‘That’s a really strong message that I’m trying to get out. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re racist you’re a racist. If you’re homophobic, you’re homophobic,’ he also said.

Brady also said he’s 100% behind Courtney Act winning Celebrity Big Brother tonight.

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