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Big Brother to have first transgender contestant this summer

Big Brother to have first transgender contestant this summer

It was a a big reveal meant for next Wednesday when the CBS summer reality series Big Brother returns for its 17th season.

But TMZ caught wind that one of this year’s houseguests is a transgender woman named Audrey Middleton and ran with the story.

So the show’s host, Julie Chen, officially shared the news on the daytime show The Talk which she co-hosts.

‘Audrey told us she is planning on telling everyone in the Big Brother house that she is transgender when she and all the other houseguests meet each other for the first time on the premiere night,’ Chen told viewers.

Chen then got uncharacteristically emotional.

‘From me personally to anyone watching, I just want to say I hope you watch with compassion and an open mind, to learn something about a community you may not be familiar with,’ she said through tears.

‘This is Audrey’s story to tell, and I’m looking forward to hearing it next Wednesday when we premiere.’

Middleton, 25, is from Georgia and works as a digital media consultant. She and the other houseguests are currently sequestered as is always the case in the weeks leading up to when they move in together in a specially constructed large house and compete for a $500,000 first prize.